A living bread…for living people !

A living bread…  

Our loaves of bread, made from naturally fermented dough, fully deserve their status as living bread.
The baking process starts at the mill. At this stage, it is necessary to recognize and respect the living elements contained in the
grains that will end up as flour.
In line with this principle, all our flours are organically grown and stoneground. The activity of living bacteria and yeast dictates the long fermentation time that gives the bread its final crust and aroma. The baker’s challenge is thus to understand and accompany the life cycle of these natural ferments.
The delicate exercise involved in natural sourdough fermentation inevitably brings with it its share of mistakes, trial and error, and good and bad surprises, and requires humility and patience. But that’s life!

For living people…

As human beings, we rely on other living organisms to keep us healthy.
To that end, sourdough bread represents a concentration of life beneficial to our health, thanks to the presence of living bacteria and yeasts.

Beyond its widely known gluten pre-digestion capacity, sourdough bread has other exciting and well-documented benefits.

A nutritional asset for our intestinal flora

Natural sourdough fermentation has an impact on some of our key biological balances, particularly on the digestive system.
Some of the by-products of the long fermentation process play the role of prebiotics by providing nutrients and fibers essential for the millions of micro-organisms living in our intestines.
As such, sourdough bread helps us improve our mineral absorption capacity and the proper functioning of our immune system.

A healthy aliment in the face of our sugar-rich diets !

Another benefit of natural sourdough fermentation is that it lowers the glycemic index of the resulting loaf. A low glycemic index means that the rate at which the sugar (glucose) in sourdough bread is absorbed into the bloodstream is reduced. It is especially lower than for yeast-fermented bread such as baguettes or white bread.
The prevalence of health conditions linked to diets rich in sugar, such as diabetes and heart disease, should motivate us to replace our usual bread with sourdough bread.

A campaigning bread

Lastly, our approach is built on a desire to advocate for the return to our tables of a bread that is tasty, digestible and has a long shelf life. Moreover, we favour local and organic produce for our ingredients.
La Forge à Pains also strives to give consumers (and in particular the younger generations) a chance to rediscover where and how the food we eat is produced. In this spirit, we have chosen to both make and sell our bread in the bakery.
But all of this would not make much sense if our bread was not affordable to the greatest number of people.
We have endeavoured to define our product and price range with this in mind, without compromising on quality.